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College Articles

The college years are life-changing and therefore incredibly significant in any person’s life. With the help of parents and organizations like the College Board, students start on the journey year after year. The search for colleges begins early and shapes the rest of the next four to six years. College scholarships and grants are difficult to attain, but worth the effort. They are often the only way students make it to finally step into the nearly mythical environment of college fun, humor, and parties. Although parents might like to forget about the more raucous portions of their own college careers while their children are attending school, adults still hang on to the other images from that part of their lives.

From football to baseball, the sports’ histories have foundations and origins tied closely to the college scene. As they have progressed, they have worked themselves into being a huge chunk of anyone’s perception of college life. Championships like the College World Series have local as well as national renown. Because sports don’t necessarily have anything to do with classes, the jocks and cheerleaders don’t always get the respect they deserve, but they will always have their supporters. To remember all of the great times in college, adults have their diplomas and class rings. And maybe they won’t admit what exactly they did on Spring break, but they’ll look back on it with a smile.

The people who attend college have one thing in common. Girls attend school in record numbers and are taking initiative with their degrees. Guys in college are in a transitional time of life in which they become men. They are using their degrees to take responsibility and achieve success. People who already have degrees use online colleges to further advance themselves. All of them are moving forward and towards bigger and better things. The fun and the anticipation and the work of college all combine to form the product of well-rounded and mature individuals.


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